Durable Boat Antifouling

Boat fouling means the process of boat contamination due to its exposure to the water environment and marine life. It’s a natural process, but one that greatly affects a boat's durability and efficiency.

One of the most effective solutions to deal with this problem is boat antifouling. At Reconditioning Professionals, we have a lot of experience with working with various surface strategies. If you need a fresh layer of boat bottom paint to protect your vessel, get in touch with us!

Boat antifouling

Why Do Antifouling for Boats?

Boats are valuable assets that require adequate maintenance efforts to keep them in shape. This is crucial not only for their effectiveness but also for the safety of passengers. Boat antifouling is a necessary, yet tedious, process. That’s the reason why it should be done by experts in the field, such as Reconditioning Professionals.

Boat bottom paint, also known as boat antifouling, is a sure way of helping your boat to perform its job for longer. It’s important to remember that it’s not done once and for all. It may need to be redone and that may require removal of the protective layer before applying a fresh one.

How to Choose Boat Bottom Paint

The choice of antifouling paint will depend on the requirements of your boat. The same is true for the number of layers that are required. The two main types are soft paint and hard paint.

Soft paint is applied to vessels that are used often, such as recreational boats. Hard paint is for boats that are not used frequently or which are exposed to damage.

Reconditioning Professionals will consider all the necessary variables to choose the right paint and strategy. By finding us, you’ve found the service provider of your “boat bottom painting near me” query!

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