Fabrication and Welding Repairs

Our expertise of 35 years extends not only to reconditioning but also to fabrication, refinishing and repairs. We offer a wide variety of fabrication services to assist our commercial, industrial and residential clients.


We can do fabrication and refinishing work on-site or off-site.


We are happy to pick up your equipment, machinery or parts anywhere within 100 mile radius from West Lafayette OH, including Columbus, Akron and Cleveland, and deliver it back to you.


We’re OSHA compliant and fully insured.

Fabrication and Welding

Our fabrication and welding services include:


  • Custom fabrication
  • Fiberglass fabrication and repair
  • Body repair
  • Structural steel fabrication and repair
  • Trailer fabrication and repair
  • Lawnmower deck mending
  • Wheels and rims restoration
  • Rotten metal rejuvenation
  • Protection for farming machinery (farm and implement)
  • Suspension hangers fabrication and repair
  • and many more

We can offer you all this and more at competitive prices. On top of it, we promise a quick turnaround, while maintaining excellent quality.


Fabrication is a process during which products are constructed by combining different parts. The three main fabrication processes that Reconditioning Professionals provide are: cutting, bending and assembling. All of these strategies can be used for new products as well as for repairs and repurposing.

Refinishing services focus on cleaning, repairing or reapplying a finish on an object. The exact process differs slightly depending on the material in question. For instance, metal refinishing often involves rust elimination. 

Comprehensive Welding Services

We can provide both on-site and off-site welding services to our clients. Whether you operate in the industrial or commercial context, we can help you. We can also assist with smaller residential and domestic welding projects.


We offer welding of a wide variety of metals and its alloys, including:


  • titanium
  • low carbon mild steel
  • stainless steel
  • nickel
  • copper
  • aluminium welding

The exact method to be used would depend on a given metal’s weldability. This term means the ability to weld with materials that are similar. It’s an important factor as any cracks appearing during the welding process make further fabrication impossible.

Fiberglass Fabrication & Repair

Fiberglass, also known as glass fiber, is a particularly durable and strong composite. It’s commonly used, for instance, in windows, boats, and roofing. Regardless of the positioning of fiberglass, it’s susceptible to wear and tear like any other material.


The most common issues with fiberglass are cracks and holes. Sometimes instead of refilling, what’s required is adding another layer. Reconditioning Professionals has the right equipment to refill and repair fiberglass at a relatively low price. You should act as soon as you start noticing issues as they’re likely to get worse.

Body Repair

A vehicle is not a cheap asset, which is why it’s important to remember about its maintenance. When your car’s, truck’s or tractor’s exterior or non-moving interior parts are damaged, it’s time to call Reconditioning Professionals.

Damage to a vehicle’s body may be caused by minor and major accidents. Sometimes it has to do with a natural process, such as aging. We can help you with various repairs, including metal damage and corrosion, flaking paint, destroyed body panels and more.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Repair

Structural steel is subjected to many conditions, which make it corrode and deteriorate. With time, assets can break entirely or start cracking. It’s critical to do regular checks on their state to avoid a disaster.

Have you noticed issues with your structural steel construction or object? Get in touch with us for an assessment. We will evaluate what needs to be done and reinforce or reconnect broken sections.

Trailer Repair

Whether you use your trailer for recreational purposes or it’s in commercial use, you have to take it for regular checks. Bear in mind that repairing is almost always cheaper than buying a new machine. At Reconditioning Professionals, we can repair, rewire and revamp trailers that are starting to fail their owners.

We provide general and targeted repairs on all major trailer brands. Our comprehensive services can improve trailers of all sizes. We can also assist you if the damage was caused by an accident.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is when metal parts are designed, cut and formed to be used for various applications. We often provide such services to our commercial clients, including the farming industry. This can also be used in industrial and domestic contexts on a small or big scale.

Welding, drilling, folding, stamping and punching are some processes included in custom fabrication. This is to make a material, usually a metal, become what the end purpose of the project is. To create or repurpose an object, it’s best to trust specialists. Fabrication is a combination of intricate processes, some of which are dangerous to amateurs.

Lawn Mower Deck Mending

A lawn mower deck is a crucial part of lawn mowing equipment. That’s because it protects the user from both the blades and the debris. If it’s not working properly, you’re at risk of harming yourself and others.

Are you in need of lawn mower deck repair? We service all brands, sizes and models of lawn mowers. Reconditioning Professionals will make sure that the equipment will be safe to use once again. Don’t risk your health and safety. Call us today!

Wheels and Rims Repair

Wheel rims are what hold the tire together. Whether you own a commercial or private vehicle, you should make sure that the rims and the wheels are working properly. If you’re experiencing any issues, let us know what the problem is.

We have worked with common and less common equipment and machinery on wheels. Are you concerned about your digger, tractor, crane, tanker, truck or loader? We can take care of wheels in virtually any vehicle and get your machine back on the road.

Rotten Metal Rejuvenation

Metal rotting is a term used to refer to corrosion. While metal can’t actually rot, rust can look similar and cause substantial damage to it. If you’re dealing with rust, you should do metal refinishing or rust removal with the use of sandblasting before any further work is done.

It’s possible to restore metal constructions and parts practically to their initial state. We can help you with fences, metal automotive parts, bars and anything else that’s made of metals. We can also advise on the best choice in terms of long term anti-corrosion protection.

Protection for Farming Machinery (Farm and Implement)

Many of our clients operate in the farming industry, where a lot of heavy machinery is used. If you’re one of them, you probably know how important it is to prevent your precious assets from corrosion or rust. Be it a tractor or a harvester, your equipment is what gets the job done.

We use reliable Farm & Implement products to protect your machinery from rust, chipping and color fading. These products can be used on various metal and wood surfaces. Our refinishing services are weather-resistant and provide lasting effects.

Suspension Hangers Fabrication and Repair

We can fabricate suspension hangers to match your needs, such as when a hanger able to lift or upkeep a lot of weight is needed. These elements are made from metal and are also vulnerable to corrosion and rust. With our refinishing services, we can make sure that your suspension hangers will work as designed.


Rust isn’t only unattractive, it’s also unhygienic when used in the food industry and dangerous to what’s being hanged in every context. Corroded hangers are more likely to snap, which is why you shouldn’t take the risk. You can contact us with queries at any time.

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