Professional Residential Sandblasting

Reconditioning Professionals is a trusted surface reconditioning company specializing in abrasive blasting, including domestic and residential sandblasting. We’re based in West Lafayette, Ohio and service on-site and off-site needs, offering to our clients:


  • reliable services
  • adherence to deadlines 
  • high quality
  • tailor-made approach
  • 35 years of industry experience
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Sandblasting for Residential Needs

Many people feel tempted to service their residential needs themselves, watching YouTube tutorials and other resources. Disheartened by the difficulty of these tasks, they start Googling “residential sandblasting near me”. This should be the first step, not the last step.

Trying surface reconditioning, including abrasive blasting, as a DIY project can be detrimental to the surface and the surrounding environment. Reconditioning Professionals will come to you with their mobile unit to blast the surface around or in your home, your lawn furniture or your vehicle. Here’s a further list of our blasting experience: 


  • cement
  • wood
  • steel
  • piping
  • trailers  

Remember that when you hire us, no expertise is required from you. Our comprehensive assistance includes every part of the project and can be extended to painting, coating, fabrication and refinishing.


Our Expert Residential Sandblasting Offer

Our commitment to quality and to you as a client means that you can expect nothing short of top quality. We have 35 years of experience in domestic sandblasting. We use a variety of blasting media, depending on what will work best for you and the job that needs to get done. Do you need blasting for one or more of the following:


  • rust removal
  • paint stripping
  • brick restoration
  • concrete reshaping
  • automotive restoration?

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with Reconditioning Professionals for specialized evaluation and a reliable quote.

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