Abrasive Blasting and Sandblasting Services

Reconditioning Professionals is a company with over 35 years of experience in providing abrasive blasting and sandblasting services for commercial, industrial and residential clients.

We’re based in West Lafayette, Ohio and service clients in the surrounding areas. Our team of trustworthy specialists is headed by Rob Doresey. Partner with us to have all your surface reconditioning needs met!


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Sandblasting Services

Our sandblasting services include:

  • mobile and on-site blasting
  • automotive sandblasting
  • timber blasting
  • blasting for brick restoration
  • concrete sandblasting
  • steel sandblasting
  • blasting for paint removal
  • sandblasting for rust removal
  • and more..

If you require a sandblaster near you, we come to you with our mobile unit. Our sandblasting services can be an answer to any type of surface work that needs to be done. They’re effective in the fight against corrosion, for paint stripping, reshaping, reconditioning, and regular wear and tear.


Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is an effective method to treat all kinds of surfaces, including cement, wood or steel. We have extensive experience gained from working for various industries.


Can’t find the service you want? Get in touch with us and we can plan towards meeting your requirements! We service large and small machinery. Our portfolio includes work on all types of equipment such as cranes, tractors, engines, trucks, loaders and even tankers.

On-Site Sandblasting

Come with your car, truck or tractor to our site to take advantage of our on-site sandblasting offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a residential, commercial or industrial client, we’re prepared to cater to your needs. We’ve worked with a wide variety of standard and unusual surfaces.


Whether it’s wood, steel or cement requiring blasting, we have the expertise and the experience to recondition the surface for you. Be it rust, flaking paint or reshaping, we can give your valuable assets what they deserve.

Mobile Sandblasting

Thanks to our mobile sandblaster, we can come to you to restore your equipment or vehicles. This is the best solution when coming to us is simply not practical or impossible, which may be the case for particularly heavy equipment, piping or surfaces of assets that are stationary.


Rest assured that we will contain the area as per the regulations when providing our mobile sandblasting services. Our 35 years of surface reconditioning expertise will allow us to help you with virtually any project in a safe and efficient manner.

Automotive Sandblasting

Automotive sandblasting is useful when you want to repaint your vehicle, as well as when some parts of your equipment need blasting. This may be done to a singular item or to a whole fleet, depending on your requirements.


Timber Blasting

There’s a misconception that sandblasting is a good choice for reconditioning surfaces such as steel, but not timber. In fact, timber blasting can be a very effective method of treating wood to restore it or remove paint.

Our Abrasive Blasting Media

The blasting media chosen differs, depending on what it needs to be used for. There are many kinds of grit blasting, for instance, wet sandblasting also called dustless sand blasting. The main difference is in the abrasive media used for the job.


A sandblaster releases abrasives under pressurized air on the surface to treat it adequately. The abrasives are kept in a container called a blast pot.


When choosing the right abrasives for the job, we consider its shape, hardness, density and size. In this manner, we can accurately predict how it’ll affect a given surface to obtain the desired effect.


Our blasting media choices include:

  • glass beads for sandblasting
  • use of soda blasting medium
  • corn cob blasting
  • walnut shell blasting
  • use of another sandblasting medium, when required, such as granite, steel shot and aluminium oxide

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