Steel Sandblasting

Reconditioning Professionals offers sandblasting for industrial, commercial, residential and other purposes. We specialize in steel sandblasting for various clients in the Ohio area. When providing our services we use premium modern machinery. We’re also proud to be OSHA compliant and fully insured.

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Expert Metal Sandblasting

Our specialist metal sandblasting services include structural steel sandblasting and treatment of stainless steel. Abrasive blasting is a trusted method of cleaning steel surfaces. It can also be used as preparation for further work with a protective coating or color painting.

Depending on the type of steel to be blasted, we choose adequate pressure and techniques. This is because different types react to treatment in their own specific ways. As professionals, we know how to work with each of them to ensure the best results.

You can expect to see the following results in sandblasted steel:


  • Smoothening of rough surfaces
  • Rust removal and corrosion under control
  • Exposition of the original metal surface
  • Clean surface (free from contaminants and pollutants)
  • Elimination of paint or coating

Structural steel sandblasting or blasting of any other type of steel can constitute a  maintenance strategy for long term metal durability.

Why Is Sandblasting Steel Needed?

Before you start googling “metal sandblasting near me” you should first confirm that you need sandblasting at all. There are various methods of treating steel surfaces, but there’s a reason why we, at Reconditioning Professionals, recommend sandblasting steel:


  • In our work we use various sandblasting media including baking soda, walnut shells and corn cobs. These abrasives are easy to contain, clean and recycle.
  • Sandblasted steel is ready for further treatment, including welding
  • Steel can be stubborn to work with, which is why sandblasting is an effective strategy of dealing with it

Don’t hesitate any further. Hire Reconditioning Professionals for your project that requires sandblasting steel.

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