Automotive Sandblasting & Vehicle Restoration

Whether you need to blast your car, motorbike or a truck, you can count on Reconditioning Professionals. With the use of abrasive blasting technology, commonly referred to as sandblasting, abrasive materials under high pressure can shape a surface, clean it or polish it, restoring your vehicle to look like new.


We are a trusted provider of automotive sandblasting services with over 35 years of extensive car restoration experience.

Vehicle Restoration

Our vehicle restoration services include:

  • car sandblasting
  • sandblasting and restoration of car parts, including engines
  • motorcycle abrasive blasting
  • blasting of motorcycle parts and equipment
  • trailer surface preparation services
  • atypical vehicles such as tractors, trucks, lawn moaning equipment, locomotives and anything else that you need to be sandblasted
  • painting

Is the service you’re seeking not on the list? Get in touch with us and we will help you find the right solutions to meet your vehicle reconditioning needs at competitive prices.

Onsite Car Sandblasting

You can contact us for a quote or let us know that you will be coming through with your machine for an evaluation. We can restore your car or other vehicles on-site, that require sandblasting. If you don’t have adequate space or for whatever reason you don’t want the blasting to be done at your location, we can take care of it in our workshop.


Mobile Automotive Sandblasting

If you require the work to be done on more than one car, for instance on a whole fleet, you probably don’t want to waste time driving all your vehicles to us. No matter what your reason is, we can come to you with our blasting equipment and complete the job at your location.


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