Concrete Sandblasting

Why would you sandblast concrete? It’s an abrasive blasting solution aimed at exposing the aggregate below the surface. Its main purpose is a particular type of finish. What’s more, this technique eliminates paint or contaminants of the concrete. It may also be used for graffiti removal. 


Reconditioning Professionals will decide on an adequate concrete sandblasting method, depending on the result you have in mind. Our 35 years of experience in surface reconditioning will help us get you the exact effect you’re looking for.


Options for Concrete Sandblasting

The main reason why people decide to do concrete blasting has to do with their surface no longer looking good. Under-exposed aggregate is to be blamed and a perfect solution is to sandblast the concrete. 


Examples of concrete surfaces that Reconditioning Professionals could help you with include:  


  • concrete covered with paint residue
  • concrete vandalized with graffiti
  • patio walls
  • concrete basketball courts
  • driveways

Whether you need assistance for domestic or commercial purposes, we’re there for you. We will apply adequate pressure to make your big or small concrete surface attractive again!


Sandblasting Concrete Driveway

You may want to sandblast a driveway because it’s the first thing your visitors or clients see. Whether you want us to expose aggregate, create patterns, implement slip applications or remove undesired elements, sandblasting your concrete driveway is a way forward. 


When you sandblast a concrete driveway, you can count on the following benefits when compared to other strategies that can be used for the abovementioned effect: 


  • Consistency of the stone to cement ratio
  • Affordability and efficiency
  • Pressure and abrasive medium control
  • Restoration of the initial look

Rob Dorsey and his team can travel to you with their mobile sandblasting unit, as long as you’re based in Ohio and surrounds. Invest in specialists with a comprehensive surface reconditioning experience. Contact Reconditioning Professionals!


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