Paint Removal Ohio

Paint removal is done when the current layer starts to peel, fall off or fade. Many people think that to refresh it, it’s enough to simply add another layer. And yet, this is often a recipe for disaster. If the underlying coat is compromised it’ll chip, taking the fresh layer with it.

Professional Paint Removal Services

Instead of trying to remove paint and add additional coating yourself, choose expert paint removal services. Reconditioning Professionals, operating in Ohio, is a company with decades of combined experience in providing surface reconditioning services.

Judging from the state of the current paint and the surface in question, we will be able to suggest the best way forward. We can provide various paint eliminating services if you want to:


  • Remove paint from concrete
  • Remove acrylic paint
  • Remove paint from hardwood floor
  • Remove paint from glass
  • Do white line removal
  • Do graffiti removal

As you can see, we offer a wide range of services to meet various needs of our clients. You can also rest assured that if we identify toxic paint, such as paint containing lead, we will refer you to experts who take care of it.

Vandalism and Repurposing Assistance

Professional paint removal with Reconditioning Professionals will be particularly helpful, if your house or your business has been affected by vandalism. Sandblasting for graffiti removal is one of our specializations.

If your previous project went wrong and you need to remove paint from concrete, you can also count on us. This includes repurposing with white line removal, when road markings have been done incorrectly or the road needs to be repurposed.

No matter what paint removal assistance you require, Reconditioning Professionals will use its extensive experience to complete your project to your satisfaction. Contact us to chat about your project!

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