Paint and Coatings for Ohio Residents

Are you looking for paint & coatings specialists in your area? Reconditioning Professionals is a company that provides comprehensive surface coating services for corrosion protection, vessel and vehicle preservation, esthetic purposes and many other applications.

During years and years of operating in the industry, we have acquired the right experience and expertise. We’re compliant with the relevant American standards. What’s more, we’re also 100% insured.

We’ve been providing coating and other surface preparation services to various clients predominantly in the Ohio area. We’re no strangers to industrial painting, as well as commercial and residential coatings. Here’s a list of main painting jobs we do for our clients:


  • Automotive-grade finishes
  • Industrial grade finishes
  • Structural steel painting
  • Professional-grade spray-on bed liners
  • Interior pipe coatings
  • Specified coatings 
  • Submersible coatings
  • Clear coating
  • Fleet repair or color matching
  • Cab color matches for dump bodies

Would you like to work with us, but you’re unsure whether we can assist you with your project? Would you like to get a quote on our services? Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.

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Automotive-Grade Finishes

Looks matter for vehicles, and it’s much nicer to drive or work in a machine that looks neat. Apart from the esthetic qualities, automotive painting and coating may help to protect the vehicle from the outside conditions.


Reconditioning Professionals evaluates the job to be done and chooses the right kind of paint depending on the circumstances. We also do the necessary surface preparation to ensure that your vehicle’s coating will last for a long time.

Industrial Grade Finishes

Industrial painting is a big part of our operations as many clients need their equipment and structures to be protected. Such heavy-duty, high-performance finishes can make a massive difference to the durability of your assets.

We can improve existing components as well as new assets. Our strategies and products used allow us to ensure superior adhesion and corrosion protection. We boast quick turnaround times with no difference to the superior quality of our work.

Structured Steel

Paint is commonly used to protect structured steel. It enhances its durability and performance in industrial, commercial and domestic contexts. Reconditioning Professionals always picks the best products, taking into account numerous factors such as the corrosivity of the surrounding environment.


Structural steel has to be properly treated before any paint & coatings are applied. Steel works particularly well with epoxy coatings, as it adheres with minimal preparation. We are also aware of the contexts when structured steel should not be primed and painted.

Professional-Grade Spray-On Bed Liners

Spray-on bed liners are an effective way of preventing potential rust and corrosion damage as well as scratches. Professional-grade technologies create a particularly resistant barrier that can protect a truck from various elements. These include chemicals, abrasion, water and contaminants.

At Reconditioning Professionals, we know how to provide services that give you long-lasting protection of your assets. The idea of DIY may be tempting and cheaper, but in the long run it’s not an optimal solution. We provide high-quality spray-on coating services at competitive prices.

Interior Pipe Coatings

There’s a number of technologies and strategies that can be used for interior pipe coating. Naturally, each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Reconditioning Professionals starts each project with an in-depth evaluation to choose the best coating strategy for a given pipe.


It’s important to remember that pipes need both exterior and interior coating. These protective measures serve different purposes. With our interior coating services, we aim at increasing the C value and preventing incrustation. Internal pipe coatings are commonly used for pipes servicing sewage, water and chemicals.

Specified Coatings

Our range of services also includes specified or specialty coating. This means that the primer, paint or other coating used performs an additional role required for an application. Examples of specialty coating that we use include epoxy and urethane. Their competitive advantage is that they have the properties of both glue and paint.

Apart from epoxy and urethane used on concrete surfaces, other specialty coatings can be applied to roofing as well as for other functional purposes. As the choice of the right coating is crucial, you should never experiment with specialty coating on your own. Give us a call instead!

Submersible Coatings

Coating is believed to improve submersible pumps’ efficacy. It can enhance the fluid handling system as well as protect metals from corrosion. Naturally, the right choice of coating is of utmost importance here, as it has to be able to protect the assets in the water environment.


Reconditioning Professionals carefully selects products to additionally enhance the efficacy of the pump’s passage as well as hydraulic smoothness. By applying the coating to the adequate parts of submersibles you can expect better results from your equipment.

Clear Coating

Clear coating is a kind of high-end coating with excellent bonding qualities. We use it for rust and corrosion prevention on metal surfaces. It can also be used as a top layer on paint, for instance, on vehicles, to prevent it from chipping or fading.


We evaluate many variables before we decide on the right kind of coating. It largely depends on the clients’ expectations, as well as the environment in which an asset is used and/or kept. The cost of clear coating depends on the product used as well as the surface area to be covered. Remember that our quotes are obligation-free, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Fleet Repair or Color Matching

Paint matching is a crucial part of repair services, be it of one vehicle or a whole fleet. For esthetic reasons, you don’t want parts of your car or truck to look different to the rest of it. Color matching is a challenging process, but Reconditioning Professionals has enough experience in this respect to do it right. 


We provide reliable fleet repair services in Ohio at attractive prices. To match the color properly we use a variety of strategies including reviewing the original color code, matching the shade or even creating custom paint. We don’t stop until we’re sure that the work done is to your satisfaction.

Cab Color Matches for Dump Bodies

Cab and dumb bodies are both essential parts of a truck. While the most significant factor is whether a truck can perform its job, matching color makes a good impression on your clients. Commercial and industrial painting has its purpose also for apparent vanity reasons. Consistency is of particular importance if you own a fleet and care about your branding.

When working on a project, we will advise you on what are the most common choices as well as consider your wishes. Some clients prefer the trucks in one color, others like different parts to complement each other. Whatever your choice, Reconditioning Professionals will choose the matching paint that will give you a long-lasting effect.

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