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Reconditioning Professionals is an expert provider of surface reconditioning services, which include sandblasting and welding. We have 35 years of experience working with a wide variety of metals.


When would you need welding? Whenever two or more parts of an asset need to be put together. This may happen when an object is damaged or when there’s a need for repurposing.


Comprehensive Welding Services

If you’re looking for “welders near me”, Reconditioning Professionals are the right company to get in touch with. We can provide both on-site and off-site welding services to our clients. Whether you operate in the industrial or commercial context, we can help you. We can also assist with smaller residential and domestic welding projects.

We can weld assets made of a wide variety of metals and its alloys, including:


  • titanium
  • low carbon mild steel
  • stainless steel
  • nickel
  • copper
  • aluminium welding

The exact method to be used would depend on a given metal’s weldability. This term means the ability to weld with materials that are similar. It’s an important factor as any cracks appearing during the welding process make further fabrication impossible.

Can Anything Be Welded?

Welding is usually applied to metals and their alloys. That’s because the process requires the use of heat that can simply melt certain substances. If you’re unsure whether the metal that you need welded can undergo the process, get in touch with us for project evaluation.

Before we take on a project, we consider its specifications. Weldability depends on the melting point of the metal, thermal conductivity, and surface condition. As dirty materials are difficult to weld, we may suggest additional surface preparation before welding.

No matter what welding you require, Reconditioning Professionals are the answer to your “welders near me” needs!

What Our Customers Say

sam waseight
3 months ago
Rob contacted me back quickly with a fair estimate, scheduled me in in a timely manner, did an awesome job and had friendly staff....
8 months ago
Used them to blast and paint a Northwest cable shovel. They worked until the machine looked better than it did new. Highly recommend
Kathy Carnes
8 months ago
Robert done an excellent job of sandblasting and painting of our old glider. It looks NEW. We highly recommend Reconditioning Professionals .

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